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Request for Quotation at Mercy Corps Nigeria

Mercy Corps has been present in Nigeria since 2012, focusing its interventions on humanitarian assistance, economic development, and conflict mitigation. With the ongoing insurgency in Northeast Nigeria causing the displacement of millions of individuals, Mercy Corps started its humanitarian response in 2014 to address the rising humanitarian needs. As the crisis has persisted, Mercy Corps’ strategy has also expanded to address the root causes of the conflict and seek to build the long-term resilience of communities with integrated programs focusing on governance, the recovery of markets and livelihoods, social cohesion and social protection, youth empowerment, and local conflict management.

We are making a:

Title: Request for Quotation

Location: Borno

Purchase of Data Analysis and Visualisation Software Package

Software Description

  • The software package will have the capability to analyse large volumes of data and visualise using several advanced charts and graphs. The software must allow for offline and online use with features to export visualisations as images, pdf, PowerPoint, and as crosstabs.
  • The package must support map visualisation with features that allows layering and heat map design among other mapping features.
  • The software package must have predictive analysis features and recognises key data types like dates, strings, decimals, and integer with little or no manipulation of data.
  • The package most be able to read and process data in different formats such as xlsx, csv, xml, txt, json etc. The package should allow for online publication and sharing of visualisation allowing different levels of access to different individuals in the organisation.

Below are all the expected features of the software package:

  • Manage users and permissions
  • Curate and share data sources
  • Manage content and certify data sources
  • Author from curated data
  • Server administration
  • View lineage and impact
  • Set data quality warnings
  • Advanced Server Deployment Monitoring
  • Programmatic Content Migration
  • Interact with visualizations and dashboards
  • Create and share custom views
  • Download visualizations as images (.pdf, .png)
  • Download summary data
  • Download full data
  • See data quality warnings
  • Consume predictive models from Einstein Discovery
  • Comment on a dashboard or visualization
  • Create a subscription for yourself
  • Receive data-driven alerts
  • Create subscriptions for others
  • Create data-driven alerts
  • Edit existing workbooks and visualizations
  • Create and publish new workbook from existing published data source
  • Explore an existing published data source
  • Create and publish new workbook with a new data source
  • Create and publish new data sources
  • Create new workbooks based on pre-built Dashboard Starters
  • Create new data flows
  • Edit and modify a data flow
  • Export data (.csv etc)
  • Publish and run flows
  • Schedule flows
  • Monitor flow performance and health

Deadline: 27th January, 2022.

Method of Application
Interested service providers should send their quotations on their company’s letter head paper to: indicating the following:

  • Price per unit for each item described.
  • Terms of payment. Note that Mercy Corps will deduct 5% applicable tax in accordance with Nigeria tax law.
  • Delivery Schedule
  • Validity of offer
  • Warranty.

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