Check If Your Nexit Training Confirmation Was Done Correctly

How To Know If Your Nexit Training Confirmation via the code *45665# Was Don Correctly and Successfully.

Applicants will have to check their Shortlist status and confirm availability for the training via the NSIP service code. The logic behind using the code is to allow people with smaller phones to be able to register without necessarily having to go to cafe or use android phones.

Since the introduction of the Nexit Option on the NSIP service code, more than 35,000 Nexit applicants have successfully confirmed training availability for the first set to be trained.

To Know If Your Nexit Training Confirmation Was Don Correctly, you must have completed the Nexit training checking process steps below using the USSD code *45665#

1) load your Nexit registered phone number with a recharge card.
2) Simply dial *45665# to check the status for your eligibility. If you are successfully selected, you will see a pop-up text asking you to confirm training availability.
3) dial *45665# again to confirm your availability for the training. If your availability is confirmed, you will see a pop up text stating that you have successfully confirmed your availability for the training in February.

If you completed this two process you are good to go. However if you are Shortlisted and were not able to do this process, you might still be notified by the management if there will be another way.

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