Code To Check N-Power NASIMS ID And Selection Status

Do you know that aside NASIMS portal login, there is a Code 45665 used To Check N-Power  NASIMS ID For Biometric Enrolment and Selection Status. You can use the NSIP service code *45665# to check your N-Power ID and your selection status by following the steps below.

Steps Needed To Check N-Power ID And Selection Status using NSIP service code

For those of you that can’t remember their NASIMS ID, recharge your phone and follow the steps below:
1. Dial *45665# and select N-Power from the pop-up options
2. They will ask you to enter your BVN or phone number! Enter the available
3. Then take the next action by Selecting check N-Power ID
4. They will tell you that, there will be a #30 charge
5. Accept the condition/charges and wait for the text.

You can repeat the same process again to check your selection status and then take the ID to the nearest cyber café for Biometric enrolment.

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