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Associate, Treasury Markets at Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria

Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria – We attract talented individuals. Not only can they give you the benefit of their experience, they also reveal a closer, more personal look at the wide range of global opportunities we offer. At the core of the Group’s people strategy is our focus on employee engagement. Engagement is a key driver of productivity and performance, which creates the foundation of our performance culture. We encourage and focus on the behaviours that bring out the very best from every employee, assessing their performance not just on results but on how those results were achieved. To further embed these behaviours we have a remuneration programme in place, carefully designed to incentivise our employees to live our values every day.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Associate, Treasury Markets

Job ID: 2200007675
Location: Lagos
Job: Audit
Schedule: Full-time
Employee Status: Permanent

Role Responsibilities 

  • The primary responsibility is the management of the Bank’s liquidity profile, ensuring that it remains within stipulated risk tolerances.
  • The job is to raise and deploy liquidity to ensure that the bank is in a position to meet all its obligations at all times (intra-day and inter-day); to meet all regulatory requirements; to diversify the funding base in a prudent manner; to pre-empt times of surplus and tight liquidity and to produce a curve reflective of the banks marginal cost of liquidity.]

Be responsible for day-to-day management of the balance sheet

  • Provide balance sheet and market insights to HoTM and/or ALCO to ensure prudent and accurate directions from ALCO
  • Liaise with other business units to obtain the best possible view of asset pipelines and forecast liability generation
  • Communicate the funding requirements / excess liquidity position with the Central liquidity team. Convey capacity on limits
  • Ensure adherence to all regulatory requirements and all internal liquidity metrics
  • Determine the level of marketable security holdings to facilitate the Bank making payments within the local RTGS system (in relevant countries)
  • Raise a flag to senior management on any concerns over the Bank’s capacity to easily meet projected funding requirements

Manage the Liquidity whilst Maintaining Regulatory; stress and Prudent Liquidity Requirements

  • Access the money markets as required; either with other banks directly or through interdealer broker; raising and placing liquidity to ensure liquidity limits are adhered to whilst maximising economic value to the Bank
  • Being proactive in raising liquidity when it is cheap, deploying it when it is expensive
  • Proactively establish and maintain good relationships with direct wholesale customers, including central banks
  • Swap funding between currencies to meet liquidity requirements and to minimise funding costs
  • Move funding between TM desks as required
  • Participate in local central bank operations and facilities, as required
  • Provide oversight to TM Support in ensuring adequate intra-day liquidity to facilitate all payments / to meet pay-in obligations with CLS (in relevant centres)
  • Liaise with the Repo desk in order to manage a stock of eligible collateral for use within the LAB or act as intraday collateral for RTGS
  • Preposition eligible securities at the local central bank to be used as backstop liquidity (where available)
  • Decide on the requirement to purchase securities to meet the statutory, stress, payments or prudent requirements
  • Decide the need to raise medium term funding


  • Operate within TM’s liquidity and credit limits
  • Ensure LM function activities are within MCO, WBG, Stress, MTF and Swapped Funds Guidelines as prescribed by GMR limits
  • Flag any potential liquidity limit issues to GMR in advance
  • Request for temporary limits to GMR and Credit, where appropriate
  • Submit annual limit application to GMR and Credit
  • Maintain desired ratios as directed by the Global Head of Liquidity
  • Produce daily yield curves for the Bank’s marginal cost of funding in local and major foreign currencies, fixed and floating, for funds transfer from or to the rest of the Bank
  • Ensure this curve encourages an overall balance of liquidity yet does not unduly disadvantage any business unit
  • Manage the relationship with the local key stakeholders.
  • Custody and management of TM’s RWA limit, ensuring adherence to the target set over the semi-annual reporting periods. Responsible for forecasting RWA usage and input into the setting of the limit, after obtaining the relevant balance sheet information from all parties
  • Understand and be able to act on the Country Liquidity Contingency Plan
  • Ensure a full understanding of what is expected of TM if the plan is activated
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with of the sources of standby and emergency liquidity, including central banks
  • Actively monitor for and immediately alert senior management on any evidence that the bank could be about to encounter funding stress
  • In case this plan is ever activated, take ownership to raise desired liquidity


  • Money Laundering Prevention
  • Ensure money laundering prevention requirements and procedures are communicated to unit staff in Financial Markets
  • Ensure the procedure of suspicious transactions monitoring within Global Markets is followed
  • Report any issues related to money laundering prevention arising within the unit to Business MLPO and unit head
  • Vet and assist in the investigation of suspicious transaction reports originating from unit staff
  • Communicate with Relationship Manager (RM) on money laundering requirements and suspicious transactions.

People and Talent:
Reference all responsibilities related to people and talent matters e.g.

  • Lead through example and build the appropriate culture and values. Set appropriate tone and expectations from their team and work in collaboration with risk and control partners.
  • Ensure the provision of ongoing training and development of people and ensure that holders of all critical functions are suitably skilled and qualified for their roles ensuring that they have effective supervision in place to mitigate any risks.
  • Employ, engage and retain high quality people.
  • Set and monitor job descriptions and objectives for direct reports and provide feedback and rewards in line with their performance against those responsibilities and objectives.


  • Provide leadership in Financial Markets Nigeria and West Africa to comply with the highest standards of regulatory and business conduct and practices as defined by internal and external requirements. Understand and ensure compliance with, in letter and spirit, all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines including those governing securities activities, company law, anti-money laundering, terrorist financing and sanctions; the Group’s policies and procedures; and the Group Code of Conduct. Take personal responsibility for understanding the risk and compliance requirements of the role. Effectively and collaboratively identify, escalate, mitigate and resolve risk and compliance matters.
  • Embed the Group’s Values and Group Code of Conduct to ensure adherence with the highest standards of ethics. Comply with relevant policies, processes and regulations, as part of the culture. Lead by example by displaying exemplary conduct behaviours and take personal responsibility for:
  • The conduct of individuals in Financial Markets Nigeria and West Africa, ensuring behaviours set out in the Group Code of Conduct are followed.
  • Financial Markets Nigeria and West Africa achieving the outcomes set out in the Conduct Principals and Pillars.
  • Both direct and indirect/dotted line managers are individually accountable to proactively communicate, collaborate and agree on the conduct ratings of employees.

Risk Management:

  • Provide oversight to TM Support in ensuring that liquidity risk from the commercial balance sheet is being transferred to TM as per policy Ensure that funding costs are accurately reflected, including the impact of stress; and statutory holdings.


  • Ensure that all compliance and local regulatory requirements are met and reported as appropriate

Regulatory & Business Conduct:

  • Display exemplary conduct and live by the Group’s Values and Code of Conduct.
  • Take personal responsibility for embedding the highest standards of ethics, including regulatory and business conduct, across Standard Chartered Bank. This includes understanding and ensuring compliance with, in letter and spirit, all applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and the Group Code of Conduct.
  • Effectively and collaboratively identify, escalate, mitigate and resolve risk, conduct and compliance matters.

Key Stakeholders

  • Global Head of Liquidity and his managers
  • TM Investment Management
  • Sales Desks within FM
  • Relationship managers
  • ALCO
  • Group Treasury
  • GMR
  • TCRM
  • DCM
  • SCB countries in region and the major hub TM centres


  • Local Banks
  • Local central bank, departments involved in Money Market Operations
  • Money Brokers
  • Direct Wholesale customers

Other Responsibilities:

  • ALCO balance sheet strategy
  • Prudent Liquidity Policy including benchmarking against other banks
  • The degree to which liquidity planning has ensured continued capacity for new deals and business growth.


  • Possess relevant qualifications.

Deadline: 7th April, 2022.

How to Apply
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