FRSC Recruitment 2023 Application Process

There are 2 steps involved in the FRSC Recruitment 2023 online application portal which you must follow to complete the application process. The steps are as follows:

Step One:

a. Go to the recruitment Portal

b. Click on the position you want to apply for, fill out the form and submit it.

c. Upon successful Submission, a mail will be sent to your email inbox containing your login details which are your (Username and Password).

Step Two:

a. When you received the email, go back to the FRSC Recruitment Portal Link above and login with the details sent to your email address which you used to fill out the form. (Your Username is your email address and your password is your application ID).

b. Change your password to a secure one upon successful login to the recruitment Portal.

c. Use a computer for a better user experience. While on the portal, tap on the application and then click on “my application” and click on the blue complete application link to take action in completing the remaining steps.

Also, check out Link To Apply For FRSC Recruitment 2023

Note: If you don’t have a computer, you can change your Chrome browser setting to a desktop site on your phone to continue. If not, go to the cyber cafe to have them do it for you.


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