• FMARDPACE | Collation of Bank Details for the Fertilizer Subsidy Grant is Free

    FMARDPACE will like to announce to the public, especially to FMARDPACE enumerators and farmers that the Collation of bank details for the Fertilizer Subsidy Grant is still ongoing and free. This is the latest FMARDPACE news that was shared on their Facebook page. See detail below  

  • FMARDPACE Deadline to Submit Finalized Survey

    According to the Twitter Handle of FMARD PACE Agriculture for Food and Jobs Plan (AFJP) have announced that beneficiaries should Kindly submit their finalized surveys on or before midnight today 31st May 2021 and that  NASS_V3_Jun_2021 will be available for download on the 1st June 2021. Reminder! Kindly submit your finalised surveys on or before midnight today […]

  • FMARD PACE Set To Begin Soil Sampling Training | Link for Traning Video

    The Soil Sampling Exercise has been scheduled for a virtual training session on Monday 10th of May 2021. North East North West 10:00-10:30am Facebook Live South-South South East 11:00-11:301am Facebook Live Use this link to access the training video in preparation for the Soil Sampling virtual training scheduled on Monday 10th May 2021.  

  • FMARD PACE: Enumerators Zoom Re-Training | Date

    FMARD PACE will be conducting an online Re-Training for enumerators on how to earn more FMARD PACE has set Wednesday, April 28Th, 2021 for the Enumerator Re-Training session to Learn updates to ODK and how to correct & resubmit Invalid surveys. Live Zoom Sessions Enumerators are to attend Only the session for their region 1) […]

  • FMARDPACE: How To Upload Finalized Forms To Your Dashboard (Video)

    This is a video tutorial on how enumerators can upload their finalized forms into their dashboard. Use only when ODK upload fails. Do you have finalised surveys on your ODK that you are unable to send? You can send it from your Dashboard Watch this clip Do you have finalised surveys on your ODK that […]