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Tag: International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO)

The International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO) is a British charity that supports the safety of aid workers in high risk contexts.

INSO provides registered NGOs with a range of free services including real-time incident tracking, analytical reports, safety related data and mapping, crisis management support, staff orientations and training.

INSO services help NGOs with their day-to-day risk management responsibilities and improve their overall situational awareness to support evidence-based humanitarian access decisions.

Contemporary armed conflict poses unprecedented challenges to humanitarian organisations in delivering aid to vulnerable populations.

Whereas in the context of international armed conflicts aid workers are attributed formally recognised protection under international humanitarian law; today the changing nature of conflicts and the proliferation of non-state armed groups often mean that this assurance is no longer guaranteed.

While many NGOs take individual measures to mitigate the risks, coordinated action between agencies – seen by many as the more important requirement – has lagged behind with no common system at field level prior to INSO.

INSO was designed to fill this gap and today serves as the primary safety coordinating mechanism for NGOs operating in high risk contexts.