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Tag: Oasis Africa Consulting Limited

About Oasis Africa Consulting Limited
The Oasis InternationalConsulting (Currently Oasis International Resource Centre) is a research organisation, conference organiser and publisher dedicated to encouraging interdisciplinary discussion, facilitating intercultural awareness and promoting international exchange, principally through educational exchange and academic research. This is unique firm that has experienced trainers and staff who are able to analyze and assess the needs of the client. We customize every training/service to your suitability. With over ten years individual experiences in training, we are proud instititution that cannot be compared with any locally. OASIS is dedicated to provide high quality solutions, training and research. We are not your typical consulting firm providing the same set of proven techniques and methodologies for success.

What we Do
Academics Conferences.
Workshops, Trainings and Seminars.

Where we are
To promote international exchange
To facilitate intercultural awareness
To encourageinterdisplinary discussions
To genereate and share new knowledge
We are Heading
To be a leading Research Organization disseminating and sharing new Knowledge Globally.

Our Motto
Oasis of Knowledge