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Tag: WFO Roedl & Partner

Rödl & Partner is an international firm providing professional interdisciplinary services in the fields of audit, tax, accounting, BPO, financial and legal advisory, as well as, support services to companies.

Our specialists provide you with an excellent level of service on both a local and international scale. The close interdisciplinary cooperation between our Nigerian and international teams guarantees seamless services that are tailored to match the specific needs of our clients, whether domestic or international.

Through our long-standing experience we have gained an in-depth insight into the specific challenges and opportunities of the Nigerian market. We understand the cross-border interests of our clients, possess the perfect grasp of the Nigerian environment and offer an outstanding level of service – a unique combination of skill, experience and knowledge that our clients appreciate.

WFO Roedl & Partner, the Nigerian firm, has been successfully present in Nigeria and doing business through its local offices in the country since 2008. Due to its internationally proven uniform consultancy approach, Rödl & Partner was also able to expand in West Africa, having won over a strong market foothold during the recent years.

WFO Roedl & Partner is the brand under which WFO Roedl & Partner LLP (Chartered Accountants), WFO Roedl & Partner Advisors Limited and WFO Roedl & Partner Corporate Services Limited serve clients’ business needs.

WFO Roedl & Partner LLP (Chartered Accountants) is a licensed firm of chartered accountants that provides audit and other attest services. WFO Roedl & Partner Advisors Limited, a fast growing professional services company, provides tax, accounting, financial advisory and business process outsourcing (BPO) services. WFO Roedl & Partner Corporate Services Limited provides company formation services, company secretarial services, immigration services and other business support services. Though separate and independent legal entities, they work together to provide audit, tax, accounting, financial advisory, BPO services, company formation services, company secretarial services, immigration services and other business support services.

Although we are a young and growing practice, our industry expertise, in-depth skills and “Big 4” experience allow us to provide high quality, value-added services with superior technical capabilities, ultimately resulting in an inspired growth in our clients’ operations.