22 September 2016

https://vacancy.fedcivilservice.gov.ng - Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) Recruitment 2016. Sept. - Oct.

Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) recruitment, September 2016 (https://www.vacancy.fedcivilservice.gov.ng). FEDERAL CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL ADVERTISEMENT FOR JOB VACANCIES IN THE FEDERAL CIVIL SERVICE.

Https://Vacancy.Fedcivilservice.Gov.Ng - Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) Recruitment 2016. Sept. - Oct.

The Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) wishes to announce vacancies in the following MDAs:

Suitably qualified candidates with character and integrity who are interested in making career in the 
Federal Civil Service are invited to complete and submit application online on FCSC Website 
http://vacancy.fedcivilservice.gov.ng/ for any of the posts indicated in each of the MDAs. 

For avoidance of doubt, completion /submission of application online is free and at no cost to applicants in line with the International Labour Organisation(ILO) Convention.

The completion/submission will run for six (6) weeks from the date of this publication (19th September 2016).

Mustapha L. Sulaiman
Director (PRS)
For: Hon. Chairman
Dated: 19th September 2016