Career Opportunities in Port Harcourt for Subsea Operator (23081)

Career Opportunities: Subsea Operator (23081)

Job Knowledge, Experience and Eduction
Intimate Knowledge of Basic Tools and Procedures with Regard to Function, Testing, Troubleshooting and Safe Practices       

Good Communication Skills                  

Self Motivated/Disciplined                

Hard Working and Tenacious                              

Ability to Work Under Pressure for Long Hours

Holder of a Degree,HND or its equivalent in Electrical, E;lectronics, Mechanical in Engineering

Overall Purpose of the Job

To run subsea equipment offshore to allow the Client to conduct successful, safe operations.
Typical operations include well tests, wireline/coiled tubing interventions,  running completions deep water operations and Lubricator valve operations

Principal Accountabilities

Conduct our business in a manner that prevents harm to people and the environment as a result of our operations
Successful tool runs allowing Client to complete operations safely with minimum ‘down time’.
Equipment to be fit for purpose.  This is essential for the success of operations.
To broaden scope of knowledge to become a more flexible member of the team (through competence system).
Assist other Expro services as and when appropriate.

Job Context and Main Activities

Tool preparation includes taking stock of equipment, redressing and testing of equipment and visual inspection.
Spaceouts should be performed and double checked
Close liaison with Client ensures tasks are completed to their satisfaction.
Time should be spent, where appropriate, to ensure all parties are aware of what is required of them and full understanding of events are in place.
All paperwork including CSR’s and tool records should be completed before departure from location.
Site inspections to be completed on arrival on every location.
Review risk assemments for task in hand and generate new assessments where required

Job Challenges

Working on offshore environment under pressure.
Troubleshooting tool problems and finding practical, fast solution in difficult environment.
Keeping a level head during times of difficulties.
Dealing with Clients in a professional manner.

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