Generation Manager Job vacancies at Energy Company

This Energy Company is a part of a group which is well-established in executing renewable power
projects.  The company is seen as both exciting and entrepreneurial in the fields in which it works.

Job Title: Generation Manager in Nigeria (Site based) for Energy Company
Based in Nigeria and reporting into the Chief Engineer the client is looking to appoint an experienced Generation Manager on 2-3 year contract with immediate effect.  The successful applicant will be responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the power plant and associated equipment, infrastructure and systems.

The role will be site based.

Your key duties will include:

– Ensuring the normal run on a 24 hour schedule of Operators duty of monitoring the performance of the plant and auxiliary equipment.

– Ensuring that the operators are acting on directives from the National Control Center, verifying that generators are properly set up and are synchronized to the National Grid.

– Verifying that Operators are preparing correctly the protection guarantee certificates for workmen to work on equipment.

– Assisting the creation of a training strategy based on the requirements for the proper operation of the Power Plant.

– Ensuring that the Operators render daily, monthly and annual energy summaries and submit these to the National Control Centre.
Desired Skills and Experience

Suitable Applicants

With a degree in Electrical Engineering, or equivalent, and a minimum of 7 years experience in operating Power Plants, candidates will have experience using SCADA systems and performing RCM analyses.  Experience operating hydro power plants is essential.

This position is Single Status, and is open to International applicants.

How to Apply

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