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Brone Group core operations range from marine geophysical, geotechnical, hydrographic and mapping solutions for all offshore and deep-water operations; to construction support, provision of specialized vessels and geological field appraisal studies. With a broad spectrum of sophisticated
differential DGPS services, underwater acoustic positioning and inspection services for over thirteen years on all levels of projects, Brone has participated in several legacy projects for International Oil Companies and the Nigerian Government.
With over a decade of trailblazing ground-breaking achievements and strategic technical alliances, Brone is deliberately positioned for the future, being solidly established as an industry leader in offshore survey services. With demonstrated commendable capacity for deep-water seabed surveys, AUV surveys as well as deep-water seafloor drilling, sampling and CPT measurements we have a proven track record in 2000m-3000m water depths.

Over the years, with an enviable track record cutting across international boundaries from Nigeria to other African countries, Brone has distinguished itself by providing customer-focused solutions to all client genres.
In 2008, the Group acquired the R/V Brone Explorer, a dedicated geophysical survey vessel, the first of its kind in Africa with proven 2D High Resolution seismic capabilities. In 2012, a second survey vessel was acquired; DSV Brone Investigator, a specialized dynamically positioned (DP) geotechnical survey vessel with additional four-point mooring capabilities. Recently early in the year 2013, a third vessel the SV Brone Navigator, specialized anchor handling tug and survey vessel was acquired.

Brone Positioning & Survey Limited won the 2012 African Governance & Corporate Leadership Award for The Best Oil & Gas Hydrographic, Geophysical & Geotechnical Survey Company in Nigeria.

Job Title: Senior Offshore Surveyor

Location: Lagos
Experience: 5 years

Job description

Senior Surveyor/ Party Chief in charge of survey operations, project mobilizations, project planning, execution and delivery. Calibration, operation and deployment of multibeam, echosounders and scanning sonars, DGNSS and subsea positioning equipment, gyrocompasses, USBL, MRU, INS and miscellaneous survey equipment.  Experience with multibeam acquisition, calibration, vessel calibration is compulsory.  Also, MBES Data processing and DTM generation, Deep water MBES experience will be an added advantage.

Candidate will supervise junior surveyors, navigators and new intakes and will interface with Clients as may be needed. While not working offshore on company vessels or client rigs, candidate will help with tenders, management of survey projects and mentoring junior survey staff.

Primary responsibilities will include the following:

    Job planning, preparation and testing of equipment prior to project mobilization.
    Mobilization and demobilization of equipment and liaising with client and survey team on project requirements and deliverables
    Operation and basic troubleshooting of equipment deployed in the field.
    Supervision and overall quality control of all aspects of positioning survey operations.
    Responsible for execution of work as per scope, specification and schedule as briefed by the BRONE Project Manager, and submission of Reports..
    Responsible for maintaining and revising work instructions and procedures and safe working environments.
    Preparing reports and deliverables to the end client
    Specification/planning of tides/current/water column parameters
    Specification for and administration of positioning systems- DGPS, DGNSS, Acoustic Subsea Positioning, INS, MRU, etc
    Positioning specifications for a variety of project types
    Plan/supervise control survey specification/definition of geodetic datum

Desired Skills and Experience

    Minimum 5 – 10 years of work experience.
    Deepwater offshore survey experience as an added advantage
    Previous experience with multibeam acquisition, Calibration of multibeam, patchtest, MRU’s, Latency and Vessel calibration is compulsory.
    MBES experience in data processing and DTM Generation is essential.
    Good Communication skills in English language and good interpersonal Skills
    Expert knowledge of geodesy to include ability to work between different geodetic systems, datum differences, tidal variations, etc


    Ability to operate land survey equipment used for offshore calibrations, sextants, theodolites/total stations,  for sun shots, etc
    Ability to process multibeam data will be an added advantage
    Ability to acquire, process and coordinate new control / reference points/markers using geodetic grade GNSS receivers
    Ability to set up, operate, monitor and maintain a DGNSS Reference Station Network
    Ability to install, operate CNAV, Qinsy 8.0, USBLs and other rig / seismic vessel  horizontal and vertical positioning equipment
    Ability to operate, position, calibrate, acquire multibeam data with Qinsy Software, MRU, etc.
    Valid offshore certificates, valid medicals, verifiable references
    Ability to maintain the smooth functioning of all the positioning and related equipment and troubleshooting.

How to Apply

Interested and suitably qualified candidates should forward updated CV either MS Word or PDF format to using Job Title as the Subject.

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