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Volunteer Curriculum Development Specialist On-site in Nigeria or VIRTUAL with After School Mentoring Project Job at Ashoka – Calabar , Cross River , Nigeria

Ashoka is at the forefront of identifying, supporting, and collaborating with leading social
entrepreneurs around the world who are solving complex social problems by changing patterns and transforming systems. Over 3000 Ashoka Fellows and Changemakers are demonstrating unrivaled commitment to bold new ideas, in every area of human need, on every continent. They are proving that empathy, integrity, creativity, and collaboration are tremendous forces in driving social change and creating a world in which everyone can be a Changemaker.

Job Title: Volunteer Curriculum Development Specialist On-site in Nigeria or VIRTUAL with After School Mentoring Project
Ashoka – Calabar , Cross River , Nigeria

Job description
This is an opportunity to work with an Ashoka Fellow

Ashoka Fellows are leading social entrepreneurs that have been taken through a rigorous selection process, testing the quality of their ideas and character, to become part of the Ashoka Fellowship and Network. Ashoka Fellows take on the challenges of building innovative system change ideas to make and spread social impact in a world wrought with challenges. They refuse to let the ‘impossible’ stand in their way to creating a better world.

This is an unpaid, volunteer opportunity

About the Affiliated Organization

The Afterschool Center for Career Development is a career development organization that is committed to inspiring, investing, engaging and facilitating growth opportunities for young persons in NIgeria in transitional stages of their lives. We ignite young people to set career goals and walk them through how to attain them.

Almost 80 percent of young Nigerians lack formal employment and many remain idle with little hope of securing work. The lack of formal career guidance in the Nigerian school system has many negative implications for young job seekers who, upon graduation, often do not have clear career goals or an understanding of what is required of them for employment. Our organization focuses on secondary school students in their final two years of schooling, as this is usually the age at which students begin to lose interest and drop out without strong mentorship and guidance. We have developed a pre-graduation program for this age group in which enrolled students can gain a community and the support needed to believe in themselves and their aspirations. This program is conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Education and we are currently working with thirty schools to provide this program to their students. The program ensures that young people have access to mentorship and career planning services and events (such as debates and speakers) that spark their creativity and get them thinking about and excited for the future. We have established a walk-in career-counseling center in which these activities take place and in which anyone can access career support services. We use the power of story telling to inspire young people through relatable examples. Successful young people are invited to share their experiences and thoughts on how to develop a successful career path. These examples serve as mentors to others and demonstrate that it is possible for young people to smoothly transition from school to the workforce.

Our second strategic goal focuses on the development of volunteer and internship opportunities in Nigeria in order for young graduates to improve their employability. Although Nigeria has a compulsory volunteer service year for all university students, there is not a strong culture of leveraging volunteer and internship opportunities during the school years to build up the skill sets and practical experience demanded by employers today. We are committed to the power of volunteering to embed young people in a community and gain the on-the-job training that complement their traditional education and prepares them for the workplace. We work with companies and organizations to develop an internship program that provides them with short-term labor and a feeder pool for prospective employees. In exchange, students gain the training and skills that they see as necessary for their chosen profession or the experience needed to evaluate whether a potential professional choice is right for them. We are now encouraging companies to start graduate trainee programs to scale and broaden our model.

Here’s your chance to work with After School Mentoring Project!

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Job Description

We are looking for an able volunteer who can help us develop our Career Training Manual: As our volunteer Curriculum Specialist you will coordinate the overall planning, design, and development of the content and assessments of the manual. You will coordinate curriculum innovation, design and research, and ensure the development and maintenance of the highest quality content. This is a wonderful opportunity to leave an extremely tangible and lasting improvement for our organization and will immeasurably help our counselors and the young Nigerians who are striving for a better future.

This position can be filled on-site in Calibar, Nigeria or virtually!

Volunteer Logistics:
Estimated hours required per week: 10
The estimated duration of the project is: 6-12 months
This position is On-site in Washington United States or Virtual
The office can provide amenities to volunteers such as: Internet, Office space

Language Requirements

Desired Skills and Experience
We are looking for a volunteer who has:

    Knowledge of subject matter, pedagogy, and curriculum design
    Knowledge in implementation of copyright standards
    Ability to meet deadlines and handle diverse tasks simultaneously with intelligent prioritization
    Strong verbal and written communication skills
    Strong interpersonal, leadership, and motivational skills

How to Apply

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