OFID Young Professional Development Program 2015 September, 2015

The OPEC Fund for International Development Young Professional Development Program (YPDP) is a structured 2-year program that has been designed to attract and develop young professionals from OFID’s Member Countries,
and aims at equipping them with the skills and
knowledge needed to meet
the minimum requirements for OFID’s entry level professional positions.

The YPDP will allow participants to become acquainted with OFID’s
operations and how the different departments/units contribute to the
achievement of the institution’s overall strategic and operational
goals. Based on an Individual Development Plan, YPDP participants should
spend at least 50% of the duration of the Program in the home
department/unit. Through this Program, participants will gain valuable
on-the-job experience, and they will also benefit from a
coaching/counselling arrangement as well as a wide range of relevant
training and developmental opportunities.
Upon completion of the 2-year Program, a participant may be offered
employment at OFID, based on job availability, OFID’s manpower needs
and the outcomes of his/her performance appraisal reviews.

Eligibility Requirements:
Selection to the YPDP is highly competitive because of the limited
number of vacancies available each year. Selected candidates will be
graduates from reputable universities.

The following are minimum requirements that candidates should meet to be eligible for the Program:

  • OFID Member Country national (Member Country nationals who are citizens or residents of the host country are not eligible).
  • Have obtained at least a Master’s degree from a reputable university
  • Outstanding academic credentials (minimum of a 3.0 G.P.A or equivalent)
  • Be fluent in English
  • Proficiency in one or more international languages is strongly desired
  • Be 28 years of age or younger
  • Ability to work in a global and culturally diverse institution within an international and multicultural environment
  • An understanding of OFID’s mandate
  • Willingness to serve OFID for a minimum of two years upon completion of the Program, if selected.
  • Specialized in a field relevant to OFID’s operations such as
    development, engineering, economics, finance, business administration,
    law, information technology, human resources and any other relevant


  • OFID offers a compensation and benefits package that is
    internationally competitive and comparable with other multilateral
  • Participants will also be entitled to benefits of internationally
    recruited staff members which include; housing allowance, dependency
    allowance, relocation grant, home leave allowance, medical benefits
    plan, children’s education subsidy, accident insurance plan and
    retirement benefits, amongst others.

Application Process

Before You Apply, ensure that:

  • You meet the minimum requirements
  • You have all the information at hand including an updated Curriculum
    Vitae (CV), and the Application Essay to be emailed to YPDP@ofid.org
    once the application form has been submitted.

How to Apply
Complete and submit the online YPDP Application Form.
Application Essay
OFID’s mission is to foster South-South Partnership with fellow
developing countries worldwide with the aim of eradicating poverty.
OFID’s work is people-centred, focusing on projects that meet basic
needs – such as food, energy, clean water and sanitation, healthcare and
education, employment, income generation and growth – with the aim of
encouraging self-reliance and inspiring hope for the future.

Write in less than 1,000 words an original essay on (i) the potential
role of OFID in resolving some of the above challenges, and (ii) your
own contribution if you were to work for OFID. You may focus on a region or set of countries as well as your area of expertise to formulate your essay.

Application Deadline: October 2nd 2015

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