Things NYSC Corper should do after POP

Congratulations to all Core members that are passing out today. Welcome to the world of reality. You really need to sit up because the competition is very high.

Below are the basic things you need to do after passing out:

Exchange Contacts with others
and keep in Touch

As a corper the need to gather contact of your friends, but if you have not done that, do it now! Exchange phone numbers, emails, BB Pins with them and keep in touch afterwards. This way you can know what is going on (Communication and Information is the key to success)

Create or Update Your CV/
Professional Profile

Prepare a good CV and Cover Letter, scan your certificates  and keep them handy. Always have a copy in your mail box and if possible in your phone. You never can tell where they will be needed. Very Important

Relocate to the City

Are you still in the Village?
What are the opportunities their? Do you want to become a farmer?
I will advice you to relocate to either Lagos, Abuja or Port harcourt . Lagos Haven of opportunities. No city in Nigeria has as much opportunities in Nigeria as Lagos. With lots of places to work and lots of things to lay your hands on, from banks to Oil firms, muiltinationals, NGOs, and even to the Entertainment industry!

Abuja is another good place to live if you are a job seeker. Though many claim that you have to know somebody who knows somebody that can give you a job. But in all, there are lots of opportunities in the Federal government parastatals, Ministries, International NGOs etc.

Last but not the least is Port Harcourt, the Oil city of Nigeria, with a bunch of opportunities in the Oil and Gas industry and other lucrative sectors. Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt are job hub of the nation. If you have long being a job seeker and not residing in any of these cities, I guess it’s high time you packed your bags relocate to these cities. This doesn’t mean you can’t find jobs in other cities of Nigeria. The Opportunities there are higher

Improve Your Self

While waiting for a, job try as much as you can to improve on yourself by learning different skills. Always read. Read anything that comes your way, no knowledge is a waste

Announce Yourself

Make People know you are looking for a Job. Except for your parents and siblings, most people really do not care what you are doing. You have to tell them yourself. Let them know you are jobless and need a job. Be humble and stop ‘forming’.*wink*

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