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Job Description for X-Ray Technician


Job Description 
Medical x-ray technicians create x-ray images of parts of the human body using radiographic equipment, to assist in the diagnosis of medical problems. Medical x-ray technicians are often referred to as radiographers or radiologic technicians. 
As an x-ray technician, you would be responsible for operating the medical equipment used to capture internal images of patients’ bodies.

Job Duties/Responsibilities 

  • Adjust and maintain imaging equipment
  • Operate the computerized equipment to take the images
    Work with physicians to evaluate the images and to determine whether additional images need to be taken
    Keep detailed patient records 
  • Precisely follow orders from physicians on what areas of the body to image
  • Prepare patients for procedures, including taking a medical history and answering questions about the procedure
  • Protect the patient by shielding exposed areas that do not need to be imaged
  • Position the patient and the equipment in order to get the correct image

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