Massive Job Opportunities at Borno State Community and Social Development Agency

The Government of The Federal Republic of Nigeria has received a credit/loan from World Bank/International Development Association (IDA) towards the Community and Social Development 
Project (CSDP). The Project Development objective is to increase access of poor people to social and natural resources infrastructure service in a sustainable manner 

This will be achieve through the provision of grant support to beneficiary communities based on their identified, prioritized micro projects in the Community Development Plans (CDPs) which are to be implemented, maintained and utilized by them using Community Driven Development (ODD) approach. 

In this regard, the Borno State Community and Social Development Agency, invites application from suitably qualified candidates from public and private sectors for recruitment into the position below:

Job Title: Office Assistant
Slot: 2

  • Provide support o the Administrative Officer in the management of office.
  • Supervision of Support Staff including reporting.
  • Filing and defiling of mails.
  • Organizing meeting venues and refreshments.
  • Receiving and despatching of malls.
  • Any other duty that may be assign by the Administrative Officer.

Qualification and Experience 

  • ND Business Administration or Public Administration with at least two years of post qualification experience.
  • He/She must be Computer literate in Microsoft word; Excel and PowerPoint are added advantage.

Job Title: Dispatch Rider

  • Dispatching mails of the Agency.
  • Collection of malls and newspapers.
  • Any other responsibilities that may be assigned to him.

Qualification and Experience 

  • Minimum of SSCE/NECO with at least two years of post qualification experience.
  • Computer literate in Microsoft word, Excel and PowerPoint are added advantage.

Job Title: General Manager

  • Exercise the powers and functions of the SA as provided for in section 4.3;
  • Be in-charge of general administration of the CSDP;
  • Manage SA personnel;
  • Be the accounting officer of the SA
  • Give approval for proposal of CDPs recommended by the SA management committee;
  • Authorize expenditure in accordance with the annual budget and work programme of the BA as approved by Board;
  • Represent the BA in all its dealings with third parties at the level or the Management;
  • Conduct dialogue with donors and those capable of providing complimentary technical and administrative skills and financial resources;
  • Delegate his authority to the staff of the Agency to the extent necessary for the efficient performance of the activities of CSDP;
  • Perform such other duties as may be required for the effective functioning of the SA.
  • Ensure regular reporting and adherence to the SA reporting relationship with the Project Financial Management Unit (PFMU) of the state.


  • A University degree in Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Engineering and/or any other relevant degree with at least 15 years post qualification experience in the Private or Public sector, five of which must be at management level.
  • A Higher Degree and experience in the Management of rural development projects shall be an added advantage

Job Title: Operation Manager

  • Supervising and coordinating the overall activities of the operations department
  • Supervising the processing of applications seeking SA funding and technical: management support;
  • Ensuring conduct of desk and field appraisals and forward reports to the Project Management Committee for review based on set criteria;
  • Provide overall supervision of formulation and implementation process of CDPs and micro projects by CPMCs;
  • Ensuring the maintenance of records on all CDPs and micro-projects on a continuous basis  and passing on such information to the M& B department
  • Deputizing for the GM and acting for him in his/her absence;
  • Ensure that requisite assistance is rendered to communities as and when required;
  • Liasing with relevant MDAs to provide technical and back-up support to communities
  • Consolidate annual work plans and budget of the department
  • Provide quarterly and annual projections for CDP and micro projects implementation.
  • Any other duty assigned by the GM


  • A university degree in Agriculture, Engineering, Extension Services, Social Science, Natural Sciences, Project Management and any other relevant degree, with at least twelve years post qualification experience.
  • Previous experience in rural development projects or extension services shall be considered as additional advantage.

Job Title: Project Officer – Procurement 

  • Be responsible for procurement at the SA including procurement planning, design, implementation, management and training;
  • Be responsible for the preparation of bid documents (inclusive technical specifications) for the acquisition of goods/services;
  • Serve as Secretary of all evaluation and selection of consultants and suppliers within agreed processes:
  • Effectively manage all contracts and ensure that deliveries (quality/quantity/time) are in line with contract provisions;
  • Ensure appropriate sanctions are applied on defaulting contractors;
  • Provide training on procurement and community contracting to Operations Officers,
  • Provide assistance to financial officers on contractual disbursement;
  • Ensure that CPMCs adhere to procurement procedures and guidelines:
  • Prepare and submit procurement status reports on a quarterly basis as part of financial monitoring report:
  • Prepare evaluation reports for all evaluation of goods and services;
  • Maintain comprehensive procurement unit cost database to be used in preparing a Project Cost Document and provide up to date information on all procurement at the SA:
  • Ensure that procurement plans are implemented as scheduled:
  • Provide training to communities on community contracting
  • My other duties as may be assigned by the General Manager.

Qualification and Experience 

  • At least a first degree in Business Administration, Engineering, Architecture, Marketing, Purchasing and Supply or related field with at least 5 years post qualification experience part of which must relate to procurement in a foreign funded agency or state government due process office.
  • Computer literacy is compulsory and experience in community contracting is an added advantage.

Job Title: Finance and Administrative Manager 
Location: Borno
ResponsibilitiesThe finance and administrative manager shall be charged with the responsibility for: 

  • Ensuring efficient running of the office and the maintenance of all office facilities
  • Processing and paying all bills, salaries (etc) pertaining to the smooth running of the SA;
  • Maintaining schedules of personnel, welfare and other personnel actions;
  • Ensuring the proper recording of financial transactions of the Agency;
  • Generating adequate, reliable and timely financial reports for the GM and other departments;
  • Preparing annual budgets and workplans for the SA;
  • Processing and managing all fund disbursements as well as ensuring proper documentation  to facilitate the release of funds front funding agencies to communities
  • Liaising with banks, tax authorities, and other regulatory agencies on behalf of the SA;
  • Preparing monthly and quarterly reports on financial progress of micro-projects and COPs;
  • Preparing quarterly financial management reports (FMRs)
  • Assisting the GM in the day-to-day running of the SA;
  • Reviewing financial transactions of communities in line with general guidelines issued by the SA, FPSU and funding agencies and making reports tot he GM
  • Offering training and capacity building in the areas of financial management record keeping and other related matters to the community.


  • A university degree or membership of professional association such as ACA, ACCA or their equivalents or Higher National Diploma in Accounting or Banking and Finance with at least twelve years post qualification experience.

Job Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Manager 
Location: Borno
ResponsibilitiesThe M&E Manager shall be charged with the responsibility for: 

  • Ensuring the maintenance of records of all types of data and information on SA activities.
  • Overseeing the monitoring and evaluation department of SA and coordinating the activities of the MIS and M&E units
  • Providing guidelines and guidance for the operations of the MIS and M&E units for them to meet the expectations of the SA
  • Liasing with the LGRC and other departments of the SA for M&E purpose and working with the communities to ensure effective participatory monitoring and evaluation of CDPs and micro projects
  • Consolidating annual budget and work plan for the department
  • Designing field data collections and collation formats for the SA
  • Develop terms of reference and provide guidance for all M&E studies
  • Liasing with the operations and finance and administration departments to collect and collate data for tracking of key activities of the SA (budget performance, financial matters like costing/pricing of CSDP activities in the state, operations etc)
  • Providing cumulative records analysis and statistics of activities over time to guide operations and provide information base for planning and future evaluation.


  • A university degree in Agriculture, Statistics, Social Sciences, Engineering, Extension Services or Project Management, with at least twelve years post qualification experience.
  • Previous experience in project monitoring and evaluation shall he an added advantage and must be computer literate.

Job Title: Project Officer – M&E 

  • Responsible for data collection, collation and analysis for field level activities.
  • Provide implementation assistance to M&E Manager
  • Compilation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports.
  • Monitor progress towards attainment of targets and to adapt targets to realities,
  • Provide an improved foundation for planning effective resource use,
  • Identify unacceptably high cost interventions and operations,
  • Provide record of events,
  • Provide information base for future evaluations, maintain quality standards.
  • Any other duty that may be assigned by the M&E Manager.

Qualification and Experience 

  • At least a first degree in Social Sciences, Statistics, Natural Sciences, Rural development and related fields, with at least 5 years post qualification experience part of which must relate to monitoring and evaluation of community based initiatives.
  • Computer literacy is compulsory and experience in Community Driven development (CDD) an added advantage.

 Job Title: Project Officer – MIS 

  • Design and prepare CSDP Management Information System operational manual,
  • Assess the information needs for the various component of the
  • Review alongside other project staff the data collection forms at the different stages of the micro-projects cycle;
  • Prepare technical specification for the procurement of necessary MIS hardware and software applications;
  • Monitor the operation of the MIS;
  • Upgrade hardware and software;
  • Ensure MIS hard and software maintenance;
  • Establish the working schedule and the MIS design;
  • Develop reports or formats using existing MIS data;
  • Develop and prepare the required documents using a friendly report generator;
  • Any other duty as may be assigned by the M&E Manager.

Qualification and Experience 

  • Degree or equivalent as Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Information Management, Computer Science, Engineering and related fields.
  • Five years post qualification experience, two of which must have been in the design, development and implementation of Databases and client – Server Software applications.
  • Knowledge and experience with development tools client side rapid applications development and experience using friendly report generator would be an advantage.

 Job Title: Operations Officer
Slot: 6

  • Sensitise and mobilize communities on CSDP project objectives and activities as well as issues related to HIV/AIDS,
  • Facilitate communities to undertake needs assessment and prioritization that are socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable;
  • Facilitate communities in the formulation of CDP in line with (b) above;
  • Build capacity of the CPMCs and LGRC Desk Officers, as appropriate, through providing training in requisite areas e.g. Participatory Rural Appraisals (PRAs), record and book-keeping, project management, mainstreaming gender, environment and natural resources issues etc, as identified by the Project officer IEC and Training
  • Supervise the implementation of the CDPs to ensure quality assurance;
  • Ensure timely replenishment of accounts by the CPMCs;
  • Collect, collate and forward to the M&E Department, information/ data on micro-project activities in communities;
  • Submission of monthly quarterly and annual departmental reports to M&E Department on schedule, through the Manager; Operations;
  • Set monthly and quarterly performance targets based on the work plan;
  • Submit regular reports to the Project officer or relevant section for whose activity they are deployed at any point in time.
  • Responsible to the Project officer, Supervision.

Qualification and Experience 

  • A first degree or HND in Engineering, Social Sciences, Biological and Natural Sciences, Business Administration, Accountancy or related field, with at least 1 year post qualification experience in any area.
  • Computer literacy and willingness to learn and work extra hours and on week-ends is a must Applicants are not expected to be more than 35 years as at the time of recruitment and not above Grade level 9 if recruited from the civil service.

Job Title: Secretary to the General Manager

  • Support the General Manager as a Personnel Assistant/Confidential Secretary
  • Provide secretarial assistance e.g. prepare all letters, memoranda and any requisite document for the GM.
  • Organize itineraries, meetings and related schedules.
  • Maintaining adequate filing system for all mails and correspondence of the GM.
  • Assist the General Manager in covering Board Meetings

Qualification and Experience 

  • A University Degree or HND is Secretarial Studies/Social Science or Computer studies with at least seven years post qualification experience, two of which must be cognate.
  • The candidate must have good knowledge of computer and versatile in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Job Title: Project Officer – Supervision 
Location: Borno

  • Responsible for supervising and coordinating the activities of operations officer
  • Regular and timely liason with other project officer for deployment of operations officers for field level activities
  • Assist in the provision of technical advice on all engineering works eg construction/rehabilitation of infrastructure, erosion control bands, feeder road construction etc.
  • In close liason with relevant state ministries, departments agency(ies) ensure the adoption of state approved standard technical designs for social infrastructure
  • Ensure compliance with state level technical specification/standards for all social infrastructure.
  • Prepare budget and work plan for supervision of CDPs and micro projects contained therein.
  • Provide guidance to operations officer designed to undertake supervision.
  • Regularly submit month;y supervision reports to the managers operations and M&E
  • Provide specific reports on supervision as may be requested by any of the managers and the general manager
  • Assist in organizing training for line ministries, LGA, LGRC and operations officers in social infrastructure operations and maintenance
  • Liase with the relevant state agency for certification for all social infrastructure at completion
  • Directly responsible to the operations manager
  • Any other duty(ies) assigned bt the Manager, Operations.


  • At least a degree in Engineering, Architecture, Social and Natural Sciences, with at least, five (5) years experience in design and/or supervision of social infrastructure construction.
  • Computer literacy is essential and experience in implementing Community level infrastructure is an added advantage.

Job Title: Internal Auditor

The Internal Auditor shall perform internal oversight functions so that all activities involving the commitment of financial resources of the Agency comply with all accounting system and reporting procedure s stipulated in the provision of CSDP financial management manual. Same specified functions are as follows: 

  • Preparation of quarterly Intemal Audit report of the Agency.
  • Preparation if all Audit programme for the year
  • To review and monitor the disbursement of the Agency(SOE)
  • To strengthen the intern at Control system of the project.
  • To review all the authorizations, approvals, eligibility and document ations of expenditures.
  • To review the financial transactions of the communities in line with Financial Procedures Manual.
  • To undertake value for money audit of all projects activities.
  • To inspect and monitor all Micro-projects in the communities.
  • To carry out both compliance audit non-financial audit.
  • Inspection and appraisal of the accounting system in operation at the establishment to ascertain its adequacy and effectiveness.
  • Verifying the cash and other assets of the project
  • Examine the reconciliation statement with the carried monthly! weekly Bank statement.
  • Ensure that the system of internal check and internal control introduced for the prevention of early detection of fraud and loss cash, stores and other assets of the project is adequate.
  • Ensure that deposit register is maintained as provided in the FPM.

Qualification and Experience 

  • A university degree Higher National Diploma in Accounting or Banking and Finance and a membership professional association such as ACA, ACCA, ANAN or other equivalents with at least five (5) years post qualification experience.

Job Title: Project Officer – Gender and The Vulnerable 
Location: Borno

  • Develop an action plan for mainstreaming vulnerable grouts and gender sensitive activities in the operation of the State Agency
  • Facilitate the preparation processes of COP formulation at Community level;
  • Assist project team to incorporate appropriate vulnerable groups (including gender) issues into project activities;
  • Assist in organizing training for line ministries, LGA, LGRC and operations officer in mainstreaming vulnerable and gender issues in development activities.
  • Liaise with the Desk Officers in line ministries to identify mechanism of incorporating vulnerable and gentler issues into their programmes;
  • Identify and articulate opportunities the integrating social safety nets in project activities;
  • Prepare a quarterly report highlighting emerging issues from project activities iris mainstreaming vulnerable group/gender issues in development activities:
  • Provide input no the preparation of quarterly/annual and requisite reports of the operations department;
  • Provide inputs to the costed yearly work programms for the operations department;
  • Develop, maintain and disseminate a comprehensive knowledge base on vulnerable groap perspectives to promote staff awareness; –
  • Maintain links with and update knowledge of other relevant agencies programs on mainstreaming vulnerable groups into development agenda
  • Design strategies for the encouragement of the government and its agencies to be more supportive towards the cause of the vulnerable;
  • Responsible to the Manager, Operations;
  • Any other duties assigned by the Manager, Operations.


  • At least a first degree in Social Sciences, Natural Resources Sciences, Rural Environmental Development, Agricultural Extension with at least 5 years post qualification experience part of which must have been spent in COD related areas
  • Computer literacy experience in Gender/Vulnerable Mainstreaming and Safety nets will be an added advantage

Job Title: Assistant Project Accountant

  • Assisting In preparing budget and work plan for the SA;
  • Assisting to maintain the SA assets database
  • Assisting to prepare monthly/quarterly reports in accordance with accounting reporting requirements
  • Managing and controlling inventory and stores of the Agency.

Qualification and Experience 

  • A University degree /HND in Accounting, Banking and Finance and/or their equivalents with at least five (5) years post-qualification experience.
  • Membership of Professional Association such as ICAN, ACA, ACCA, ANAN and knowledge of computer based accounting packages and experience in donor-funded or rural development project audit will be an added advantage.

Job Title: Administrative Officer

  • Secretary to the Management Committee Meetings Responsible for Management of personnel matters including appointments, appraisals, discipline, promotion and any other related issues.
  • Shall be responsible for supervising clerical staff
  • Ensure appropriate record keeping filling and documentation of all Agency mails and correspondence
  • Responsible for managing all office utility services
  • Responsible for maintaining office assets including vehicles, plants office premise etc.
  • Supervise security staff of the SA.
  • Any other duty as may be assign by the GM or Admin and Finance Manager.

Qualification and Experience 

  • First degree or equivalent in Social Sciences and Humanities with at least five (5) years relevant post-qualification experience. Knowledge of MS Computer packages is essential.
  • Experience in personnel, office management is necessary.

Job Title: Project Officer, IEC & Training
Location: Borno

  • Supervise and carry out promotions and outreach programme to create awareness of SA activities.
  • Facilitate the carrying out of advocacy for the CSDP at the slate level through Information, Education and Communication (IEC) campaign
  • Ensure linkage with relevant ministries/agencies on integrating collective action and mobilization of resources for sectoral development plans
  • Undertake regular skill gap analysis of project staff, line ministries, LGRC and CPMC members and identify requisite training to address them.
  • Supervise, in liaison with relevant SA staff and line ministries staff all training delivery to CPMCs and LGRCs;
  • Prepare budget estimates and annual work plan for training, information, education and communication activities of the SA;
  • Maintain links with and update knowledge of other agencies programmes on advocacy, sensitization and awareness and communication
  • Be Responsible for preparing periodic reports on progress in advocacy, mobilization and awareness, measured against the targets of annual work plans and legal funding requirements (eg IDA/Donor requirement)
  • Responsible for communication materials development
  • Organize learning events for stakeholders
  • Coordinate and facilitate CDD cross-learning events and information sharing amongst stakeholders
  • Monitoring and coordinating of information, education and communication activities
  • Any other duties as may be assigned by manager, operations


  • At least a first degree in Social Sciences, Natural Resources Sciences, Rural Environmental Development, Agricultural Extension with at least 5 years post qualification experience part of which must relate to training and social analysis,especially rural appraisals.
  • Computer literacy is compulsory and experience in community level facilitation and mobilization is an added advantage.

Job Title: Account Clerk
Slot: 2

  • Preparation of payment vouchers.
  • Maintenance of payment voucher register.
  • Lodging of receipts in bank.
  • Compilation of payment vouchers.
  • Issuance of notification of settled advance.
  • Distribution of salary cheques to various banks
  • Release of cheques to communities and other beneficiaries.
  • Any other duty that may be assigned by the assistant project accountant.

Qualification and Experience 

  • ND in Accounting, Business Administration or Banking and Finance with at least two years of post qualification experience.
  • He/She must be computer literate and versatile in Microsoft excel and other accounting software.

Job Title: Driver
Slot: 6

  • To drive assigned vehicle of the Agency.
  • Report directly to the Administrative Officer
  • Maintain and carryout some minor repairs of vehicle while on duty
  • Report as soon as possible any problem developed by the vehicle to the SA.

Qualification and Experience 

  • Licensed driver with Trade Test III, II & I and must have at least 10 years driving experience.
  • Familiarity with difficult terrain of the State will be an added advantage.

Job Title: Security Man 
Slot: 3

  • To guard the premises of the Agency.


  • Must have an experience in security guard must be between the Ages of 25 – 40 years

Conditions of Service
The appointment is for the period of the life of the project with six month probation period. However, Civil servants found suitable will be engaged as seconded officer and will continue to enjoy salary from their employers with additional incentives from the project.


The remuneration is attractive and in commensurate with the mode of entry and in accordance with the CSDP Staff Regulation and conditions of service.

How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV’s to:

The Office of the Honourable Commissioner, 
Ministry of Inter-Governmental Affairs and Special Duties,
Musa Usman Secretariat,
Borno State.

Deadline  1st July, 2016. 

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