Fresh Job Vacancy at Hubmart Stores Limited

Hubmart Stores Limited is a retail shopping chain of Nigerian heritage, offering multi-format stores in various locations and positioned to offer customers world-class shopping experience as well as a vast range of products. Our unique value proposition lies in our excellent customer service as well as our superior capabilities in the fresh categories.

Job Title: Checkout Officer/Cashier

Job Description
  • Experienced Cashiers wanted, exposure to a supermarket setting is KEY.Male and Female wanted, person must be pleasant, ability to learn fast.
  • A Checkout Manager takes on the primary head cashiering responsibilities at a retail location, processing register transactions and providing customer service.
  • The job description of a Checkout Manager requires excellent interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and a dedication to customer satisfaction
Essential Duties
  • A CM welcomes customers into the store, handles customer purchases, assists in selling promotional items, addresses and resolves customer inquiries and problems, and trains junior cashiers.
  • Processes refunds and returns
  • Processes register transactions-
  • Refers customers to sales associates as necessary
  • Assists customers in locating items
  • Activates gift cards.
  • Signs customers up for loyalty reward programs
  • Addresses customer questions and complaints
  • Reports complaints and problems to store manager, and refers customers to manager when needed
  • Counts out register drawer at end of shift.
  • Promotes new store products.
  • Assists sales associates in closing sales
  • Trains new cashiers.
  • Oversees activity of junior cashiers to ensure that they are working up to store expectations.
  • Ensures that all register drawers are balanced at the end of a shift.
  • Replaces register tape and replenishes register cash supply as needed.
  • Keeps front end of store clean and organized.
  • Restocks, replaces, and organizes items on the sales floor.
  • Pulls defective or expired items from shelves
  • Answers store phone and provides information or transfers callers accordingly.
  • Takes note of suspicious behaviour of customers or employees and reports this to managers as needed.
  • Meeting with your manager to find out: Focus of the day.
  • Sufficient staffing according to analysed sales trends and customer needs.
  • Morning briefing with your team to communicate:
    • Focus of the day is communicated and followed up.
    • Give daily brief Customer service training, product knowledge.
    • Check staff presentation and dress code.
    • All cashiers are aware of promotions. Products, prices, location and duration.
    • Highlight any issues, challenges, events for the day.
    • All cashiers have latest updated Fresh pricing lists.
    • Back shopping has been done.
    • Confirm all cash registers are working.
    • Each checkout sufficient till roles.
    • All checkouts have sufficient and all sizes packaging
    • Checkouts are neat and clean.
    • Checkouts are open on time for store opening.
  • Ensure Standard Operating Procedure compliance
  • Floor walk through his department with Store Manager.
  • Expense and Cost control. Staff cost and packaging.
  • Promotions are honoured.
  • Change of shifts are coordinated so as not to disrupt customers.
  • Checkout merchandise units are full and well ticketed.
  • Ongoing Customer service.
  • Ongoing checks and follow up on packaging, till roles, change.
  • Ongoing back shopping.
  • Ongoing review of Customer Service provided
  • End of day procedure.
  • Log in/log out of the cashiers
  • Checkouts are closed, cashed up and end of day system is run in a staggered method so as to ensure no disruption to customer’s end of shopping experience.
  • Staff scheduling planned so as to meet customer requirements at all times.
  • Days off, breaks are staggered according to store needs.
  • Accuracy and efficiency of Checkout personnel.
  • Best Customer Service is provided by checkout operatives at all times.
  • Queue length not to excess 4 customers.
  • If longer open new checkouts or bring in baggers.
  • Customer queries are recorded, followed up and resolved
  • Customer exchanges, returns, refunds are handled quickly and efficiently.
  • Housekeeping and tidiness of the department.
  • Periodic and varied spot checks on cashier’s money Minimum of 4 per day.
  • Non-scanning products are reported and rectified.
  • Checkout cash shortages are tracked and investigated
  • Staff roasters to be handled.
How to Apply

Applicants should send their applications and CVs to

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