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NUC Recruitment 2016 Sample Application Letter


A good number of you have been sending me mails and asking me a lot of questions on the ongoing National Universities Commission (NUC) recruitment. If you have nagging questions, you’re likely to find this post useful.

Some of the questions include:

  • Please the 10 copies of our CVs, are we sending them in 10 different brown envelopes at the same time or in one brown envelope?
  • Please can you show me a sample application letter to apply for the National Universities Commission job
  • Please I need to know if the handwritten applications is to be on a full scalp sheet or A4 plain paper

Useful answers to your questions:

  •   I don’t think the type of paper really matters. However, my advice would be for you to use a plain sheet of paper. It looks more professional.

  •  I’d advise you to bundle your CVs and application in one envelope. It’s neater and less cumbersome, as a result, makes work easier for whoever will collect it from you.

(Put your full name here)
(Put your address here).
(Put your city and state here)
(Put today’s date here)

The Office of the Director, 
Management Support Services (DMSS),
26, Aguiyi Ironsi Street, 
PMB 237, 
Garki GPO,
Maitama – Abuja.

Dear Sir/Madam,

                                    APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT
I am interested in the position of (Put the position you are applying for here eg: Administration Staff) advertised on a national daily newspaper. Given my related experience and excellent capabilities I would appreciate your consideration for this job opening. My skills and qualifications are an ideal match for this position.
As a graduate of (put your degree/qualification here), I am eager to contribute my abilities, knowledge and experience to The National Universities Commission (NUC). Given my extensive training and background, I believe I can help The National Universities Commission (NUC) achieve its mission of being a dynamic regulatory agency acting as a catalyst for positive change and innovation for the delivery of quality university education in Nigeria. 

Please find enclosed ten copies of my resume as requested. Feel free to call me at (Put your phone number here), to arrange a time to meet. I look forward to hearing from you.
(Put your full name and signature here).

Finally, Put your application letter and CVs in a brown/khaki envelop, write the following on top of the envelop;

The Office of the Director, 
Management Support Services (DMSS),
26, Aguiyi Ironsi Street, 
PMB 237, 
Garki GPO,
Maitama – Abuja.

Then take it to NUC office at 26, Aguiyi Ironsi street, Maitama, Abuja.
You can visit NUC website for more information 

I hope this helps you. Please share this 

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