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Latest Job Recruitment at Chevron Nigeria Limited, 23rd May, 2018

Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) is one of the worlds leading integrated energy companies, with subsidiaries conducting business worldwide including Nigeria.
We hereby invite applications for employment, in the positions specified below from qualified candidates:
 Job Title: Attorney
Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Job Overview and Description
  • The successful candidate for this position will work in the Legal Department and provide day-to-day advice to clients on a broad range of legal and commercial matters, be involved in negotiations and legal drafting as well as support the litigation portfolio.
Key Responsibilities
Litigation Support:
  • Receives and reviews judicial and arbitral processes on behalf of CNL and other Chevron entities in Nigeria.
  • Develops the preliminary assessments on litigation and arbitration involving CNL and other Chevron entities in Nigeria, and, on the strength of these assessments, makes recommendations for assignment of the matters to outside counsel.
  • Develops and refines the case plans for the defense of CNL and other Chevron entities in Nigeria and obtains the requisite approvals for these case plans, working with more senior attorneys, Upstream (Corp.) Litigation, external counsel and business owners.
  • Identifies potential witnesses and works with the internal team, the witnesses and outside counsel, to develop witness statements, file witness depositions in court and conduct pre-trial conferences to prepare witnesses for trial testimony.
  • Works with internal teams, external counsel and business owners to develop requisite court processes to be filed in court in defense of lawsuits involving CNL and other Chevron entities in Nigeria.
  • Monitors case progress to conclusion.
  • Receives, reviews and responds to claims and demand letters.
Negotiation and Review of Agreements:
  • Provides legal support for the drafting, review and negotiation of various types of agreements and other legal documents including: crude handling and crude lifting agreements, farm out agreements, collateral responsibility agreements, agreements for the provision of security services, pipeline and facility surveillance program agreements, memoranda of understanding, waivers, indemnities, undertakings, confidentiality agreements, etc.
Legal Advisory Services and Legal Support:
  • Reviews company publications, holding statements and other press releases and presentations to be made by various persons and departments within CNL and other CVX entities in Nigeria.
  • Tracks and reviews legislative bills to identify areas of likely impact on Chevron’s operations and the oil and gas industry at large.
  • Reviews environmental and other monitoring reports to ensure consistency with Corp. Guidelines and applicable local laws and regulations.
  • Provides other ad hoc legal support as required.
  • Participates, as a representative of NMA Law on multi-functional investigation teams set up to investigate alleged violations of company policies.
Litigation Reporting:
  • Regularly prepares various reports for different internal and external audiences such as NMA Law Management, Upstream Litigation, other recipient CVX organizations, CNL’s JV partner (NNPC-NAPIMS), etc.
Critical Selection Criteria
Job Knowledge and Technical Proficiency:
  • Ability to confer with subject matter experts, confidently engage decision makers on legal issues in routine and non-routine projects, assess risks, benefits, considerations, and proffer advice.
  • Demonstrated negotiation skills.
  • Basic understanding of project management
Transactional/Commercial Skills:
  • Proficient in the application of principles of contract law and drafting.
  • Ability to review and draft routine and non-routine agreements.
  • Demonstrated expertise in a variety routine and non-routine projects
Litigation or Representation:
  • Proficient in the application of principles of litigation and key legal issues relating to claims.
  • Provide litigation support and manage litigation portfolio.
Leadership and Communication skills:
  • Ability to serve in a leadership role in vendor/partner relationships, on industry committees etc.
  • Capacity to work across organizational boundaries and is able to influence outcomes and get results.
  • Proactively seeks opportunities and is able to effectively prioritize gaps.
  • Possesses excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to engage, instruct and supervise outside counsel as necessary to facilitate the achievement of business objectives.
  • Fosters cooperation on work teams.
  • Collaborates across organizational boundaries
  • Willingly shares knowledge and seeks to learn from others.
  • Ability to handle a variety of assignments for multiple customers.
Industry/Business Knowledge and Customer Relationships:
  • Demonstrated sound understanding of oil and gas industry and Chevron businesses.
  • Fosters client relationships to support client business objectives.
  • Developed a fundamental understanding of technical principles within business unit operating environment and how to interface with supporting disciplines.
Educational Qualification
  • Bachelor of Laws Degree (Ll.B) – Minimum of Second Class Honours, Upper Division.
  • Barrister at Law (B.L.) from the Nigerian Law School – Minimum of Second Class Honours, Upper Division.
  • Master’s Degree will be an added advantage.
Work Experience:
  • Six (6) to 8 years post call to the Nigerian Bar
Interested and qualified candidates should:Click here to apply
Job Title: Mooring Master Trainee
 Delta (Escravos)

Critical Selection Criteria
  • The Mooring Master acts as Chevron representative on Export Tankers. He is the point of contact with government representatives and officials during exports to ensure efficient, coordinated export activities are achieved. Perform export tanker arrival safety inspection and ensures compliance of Export Tankers, Masters, Officers and crew with Chevron requirements.
  • Document performance and condition of export tankers, prepare reports for CVX Clearance and vetting system.
  • Responsible for advising Export tanker Captain, officers and crew on safe activities with the following key activities:
    • Safe pilotage/Mooring operations and export tanker approach to berths
    • Conducting safe mooring and unmooring operations
    • Safe cargo hose connecton and disconnection
    • Hold back tug connection and disconnection
    • Pre-loading activities including all check lists
    • Communication between export tanker, Terminal and hold back tug
    • All Cargo/Ballast Handling operations
    • Export paperwork, including sampling and calculations of cargo volumes
  • Responsible for export tanker safe position keeping once export tanker is safely moored at Chevron Terminals. Monitor mooring system and equipment while export tankers berthed at Terminals. Supervision of Mooring Technicians during all mooring operations and hose connecton and disconnection.
  • Coordination with his Supervisor on export operations planning, including:
    • Export tanker scheduling
    • Export tanker operations
    • Inward and outward clearance
    • All aspects of government and agent liaison
    • Partner requirements
    • Cargo discrepancies
    • Operational issues resolution
  • Support the implementation of the Chevron Operational Excellence Management System – OEMS processes, ensures all marine operations conducted at Chevron Terminals are completed safely and in compliance with the Company Safe Operating Procedures.
  • Takes a proactive role in safety and environmental management consistent with Policy 530, API RP 14C/14J guidelines, ISGOTT, OCIMF guidelines, applicable maritime regulatory requirements and accepted industry standard for safety and environmental practices.
  • Monitors and supports Field HES programs including safety training , compliance reviews, near-miss/incidents investigation and reporting emergency preparedness and response spill reporting and response, safety and communications meetings and process improvement initiatives. Complies with Chevron behavioral safety principles.
  • Responsible for ensuring training of new recruits and trainee Mooring Masters/Loading Masters is conducted in a timely and professional manner.
The Mooring Master shall have:
  •  An unlimited Class 1 Deck License with an appropriate dangerous cargo endorsement for crude oil.
  • Served in a senior capacity on board tankers > 25.000 tonnes during their sea going career for at least 36 months.
  • Skill in the shiphandling of large tankers. Offshore Marine Terminal operations.
  • Served for a minimum of (10) years as a Mooring Master experienced with safe berthing of tankers at offshore terminal export facilities.
  • An extensive knowledge of SPM type facilities including but not limited to export operations and maintenance of all equipment and systems.
  • High quality communications skills and be able to coordinate activities remotely when operating outside of normal work locations.
  • Core skills associated with Bridge Resource Management are essential all Mooring Masters must be able to understand personal limitations and assess operational risk in order to develop mitigation plans.
  • Capability of working a 28/28 day rotational assignment in a remote location
  • Unlimited Ocean-Going Master Mariner license with “Dangerous Cargo” (Oil & Gas) endorsement
  • Experience: A minimum of ten (10) years’ experience in marine transportation, offshore terminals, mooring and cargo transfer operations
Interested and qualified candidates should:Click here to apply

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