FMARD PACE: How to Migrate to NASS V3 & App Configuration Guidelines

1. Install the ODK collect App from Google Play Store
2. Launch the ODK collect App from your mobile device
3. Click the “More Option” icon circled in red to expose settings
4. Select General Setting
5. Select Server
6. Enter the following URL https// User name and password should be left blank
7.Select “User and device identity” to enter the Enumerator’s ID
8.Sellect “From metadata” to expose Username
9. Tap on the “Username” to type Enumerator’s ID
10. Type the Enumerator’s ID
11. Set up Map
. Tap on the Menue icon
. Select General Settings
. Select Maps
.Set Google Map style to Satelite
Any other map style will be invalid

12.Set from Management
.Tap on the Menue icon
. Select General Settings
.Select from Management
.Set Periodic Update to Every Hour
.Turn on Automatic download
.Turn on Auto Send for form submission select (WIFI or Cellular)
13. Select ” Get Blank Form”
14. Check (or Select) NAAS_V3_Oct_2020 and get Selected to download the form
15. Select “Fill Blank Form” to begin your survey
16. Select NAAS_V3_Oct_2020 form to begin enumeration
17. Ensure to enter the Correct Enumerator’s ID & proceed with the survey

How to Get Enumerator Unique ID

1. You now need to get your Enumerator Unique ID.
• Go to
• Click on My Account
• Sign In
• If you forgot your password, then Click Forget Password?
• If you do not have an Account then Click Sign Up
2. Once you Sign In, You will see your Unique ID.

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