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Since everyone can’t be trained, there are new changes in the application process.

Filling in the application form and business development plans, tells us more about your intended business or available business. This form will come as a questionnaire to guide against copy and paste. This questionnaire interrogates applicants and their businesses which will help us determine who is qualified for this intervention fund.

Next is an assessment of all the questions you have answered previously and then the selection of beneficiaries into batches for training.


Visit for those that have been trained  Documentation

To login to your dashboard visit

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What make it difficult in accessing the portal if the portal is for everyone to to access and not for selected few, for over 4months now I HV not been able to validate my bvn to know the further step. Let the portal be made easy and accessible

Please adim I want to know if there is any problem withholding my nyif loan approval as my status keep on writing “in process,” while others are getting loan approvals?

Good day Adim, please I want know why my loan have not been approved? Am still on Registration Successful up till now, please try an access my. Thanks.

Good day Admin, please help me out my loan status is still showing in progress, what should I do next.

Can I have access to the loan without any training because I have don all the processes but for the training I don know

The last mail I got from nyif was that my loan have been submitted for approval and my dash board keeps reading Zero, please how long will it take it to be approved because its bee over a month and am confused about the training…..what training?
I registered since December 2020

Please I couldn’t update my nyip account details as my device submitted only Bank name. What should I do now?

I couldn’t complete my Nyif update as my device submitted incomplete form with bank name only. Can I be given a chance to resubmit or what can I do ?

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