How to Fix NEXIT Email Address problem with SMS Sent

How to use the SMS sent to those with NEXIT portal email address problem to fix your issues.

Below is the process you need to follow to achieve better results:

1. You are expected to use the link on the SMS along with your old non-functional email address to log in to NEXIT portal and create your profile and if you have already created a profile via the wrong/obsolete email, you are expected to use your old email and the password you set when creating the NEXIT profile to log in. As you log into NEXIT profile, you will be allowed to update your records without the email verification using the “update record option”.

2. After updating your record/submitting the same, you are expected to log in via the same wrong email/ your preset password. Select the “Edit record” option on NEXIT profile where you are required to input any new and functional email address of your choice and possibly Correct any error in your name (either spelling error or order of name arrangement) as soon as the update is submitted, the new email will automatically become the recognized email address by NEXIT portal. Your subsequent login will be done through the new email address but with your earlier pre-set password. All your subsequent communication for the purpose of NEXIT will be via the new email address.

Note: Your email may never be corrected or adjust in the NPVN portal again as the portal is no longer valid hence replaced by NEXIT portal.

NPVN portal is meant for volunteers but you are no longer volunteers but exit volunteers with a new NEXIT portal. The old Npvn portal will only be there for reference sake.

You can set/use any password of your choice in the NEXIT portal provided you use what will easily remember.

For Applicants having an email address problem and have filled the email update form and yet to receive an SMS, try asking your colleagues who have received the SMS to share with you and then follow the process above to see if you can fix your issues.

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