Chevron Nigeria Limited Recruitment 2021 | Disclaimer

Chevron Nigeria Limited, the operator of the NNPC/ Chevron Nigeria Limited Joint Venture, is aware of the circulation of false recruitment and contract information posted by unscrupulous persons and organizations in the name of Chevron Nigeria Limited in several media and online channels, advertising job positions or contracts in Chevron Nigeria Limited. Additionally, fraudulent job and contract offers have reportedly been sent through emails, text messages, and phone calls by individuals purporting to be staff or representatives of Chevron Nigeria Limited with the intent to defraud their victims.

Disclaimer: Notice of False Recruitment and Contract information and improper use of the name of Chevron Nigeria Limited

Chevron Nigeria Limited hereby dissociates itself from such false recruitment and contract information published in any website, email, poster, handbill, or any other medium. Chevron Nigeria Limited did not make or authorize any such publication.

Members of the general public are hereby notified that:

  • Chevron Nigeria Limited does not, and will not require applicants to make a payment towards processing any job application or contract awards. Recruitment advertisements requesting candidates to pay money, at any point during the recruitment process or contract award process, are not from Chevron Nigeria Limited.
  • Chevron Nigeria Limited does not solicit job applications or initiate recruitment processes through emails, posters, handbills, text messages, social media, or phone calls.
  • Job advertisements from Chevron Nigeria Limited are posted on the company’s website at http:/ and national newspapers.
  • Chevron Nigeria Limited will not respond to enquiries about fraudulent advertisements of job offers or contract awards.


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