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Career Openings at the International Committee of the Red Cross

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is an impartial, neutral and independent organisation whose exclusively humanitarian mission is to protect the lives and dignity of victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence and to provide them with assistance.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) Field Officer

Ref: ABJ202100200 MHPSS FO YOL
Location: Yola-Adamawa
Duration: 4 Months Maternity Cover


  • Coordinate the implementation of Victims of Violence (including SV) in Yola AoR field as defined in the MHPSS project document.
  • Collaborate with the NRCS to coordinate volunteers to implement MHPSS activities as appropriate, under the supervision of the MHPSS delegate.
  • Lead the volunteer team in a collaborative manner to identify the mental health and psychosocial needs of the community, identifying relevant topics for problem solving, therapeutic and psychoeducational individual sessions, groups and sensitization activities as appropriate, with the support of the MHPSS Delegate.
  • Refer clients with specific needs to other mental health professionals as appropriate, (e.g. people with severe and enduring mental health problems, or those with needs outside the MHPSS programme parameters).
  • Identify key community actors and/or health staff who will benefit from mental health awareness, sensitisation and /or basic psychological and psychosocial support trainings, with the support of the MHPSS delegate.
  • Ensure regular links with key actors and health facilities are maintained to ensure beneficiary identification and referral pathways are relevant and functional.
  • Participate constructively in weekly supervision with the MHPSS Delegate and in peer supervision to foster an atmosphere of mutual support and learning within the MHPSS team.
  • Provide and/or facilitate supportive and constructive coaching and supervision to NRCS and community psychosocial support volunteers to aid in their skills development.
  • Assist the MHPSS Delegate to train and coach NRCS and community volunteers when relevant.
  • Collaborate with other ICRC departments (COOP, PROT, Ecosec, WATHAB, PHCC…) in the sub delegation to ensure a coordinated and integrated approach to respond to beneficiaries needs
  • Contributes to the Sub-delegation reporting, such as WOR, situation updates and other specific reports upon request
  • Interprets accurately from English to National language and vice versa during field visits and otherwise, as required
  • Prepare and follow-up MHPSS orders, with respect of ICRC internal logistic and administrative procedures (ROs, AoEs)

Interested and qualified should send their Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter and NYSC Certificate to:


  • Clearly indicate “ABJ202100200 MHPSS FO YOL” as the subject of your application (Applications intended for this role without this subject will not be treated)
  • In the body of the mail, please indicate the following in the format as seen:
    • Qualification(s)
    • Current location
    • Languages you speak
    • Years of relevant experience.


Job Title: Logistics Assistant

Job Ref.: ABJ202100199
Location: Biu, Borno

Job Responsibilities

  • Follows up and ensure that deliveries are checked and inspected to ensure conformity to the shipment documents in terms of quality and quantity;
  • Manages relationship with vendors, suppliers, and contractors within Biu AoR as a means of ensuring and facilitation continuous flow of service within the supply chain;
  • Follows up on files, scan invoices and related documents for onward processing with other logistics staff or finance team;
  • Ensures order management is run properly and all requests are treated as per requirements;
  • Ensures the goods are delivered in time, as per specifications, with a good price.
  • Ensures fuel control sheet is shared with dispatcher regularly and right after the replenishing of the tank or refueling of the cars and generators is made;
  • Ensure the level of fuel is up to the emergency level at all time, makes a forecast of fuel needs for one month, and informs dispatcher;
  • Coordinates transport of goods or passengers to other sub-delegations or distribution points where necessary;
  • Supervises incoming medical shipment to ensure proper reception;
  • Ensures that daily and weekly vehicles and generators inspection is performed;
  • Organizes and plan driver duties and assignments; dispatches the assigned vehicles;
  • Coaches and train drivers to prevent corruption and smuggling;
  • Ensures all vehicles accidents are reported to the dispatcher within 24 hours;
  • Ensures that drivers are familiar with their roles and responsibilities and provides coaching, support to build their capacity

Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV, Cover Letter and NYSC Certificate to: Clearly indicate “ABJ202100199 Logistics Assistant BIU” as the subject of your application (Applications intended for this role without this subject will not be treated)

Application Procedures
In the body of the mail, please indicate the following in the format as seen:

  • Qualification(s)
  • Current location
  • Languages you speak
  • Years of relevant experience


Job Title: Protection Field Officer

Job Ref: ABJ202100201
Location: Kano
Career Category: Program / Project Management
Theme: Protection and Human Rights

Job Responsibilities

  • Under the supervision of the Protection Delegate, implements RFL activities in his/her area of responsibility.
  • Reception, treatment and follow up of different services offered by ICRC to restore family links (RFL); including Unaccompanied Minors (UAM) identification and registration (under the technical supervision of Protection Delegate), treatment of tracing request and Red Cross Messages (RCM) received from other sites or collected in the field (including in Detention facilities) and forensic related issues.
  • Maintain an updated filing system of the RFL caseload
  • Report on the implementation of RFL activities and share monthly compilation of PROT/RFL statistics.
  • Liaison and coordination with the Nigerian Red Cross Society (NRCS), including the Restoring Family Links focal point.
  • Manages the caseload for the AOR including identifying and prioritizing action, maintaining contact with NRCS volunteers, attributing workload, assessing quality of work done
  • Coaches, supervises and provides feedback to NRCS RFL volunteers as they collect and treat PFL cases (UAM/SC, TC, RCM etc.) in the AoR
  • Supports in delivering capacity-building trainings for NRCS RFL volunteers
  • Occasionally translates PFL documents from Hausa into English and vice versa as operational needs require
  • Collection, analysis, monitoring and reporting of protection concerns and trends (including Health Care in Danger related issues). Particular attention will be given to humanitarian consequences.
  • Maintains and develops adequate networking with all relevant stakeholders in order to have a good analysis of the situation (including security) and updated information relevant for ICRC objectives.


  • Interested candidates should possess relevant qualification with 3 – 4 years of experience

Interested and qualified candidates should send their Curriculum Vitae, Application letter, and NYSC Certificate to: clearly indicating “ABJ202100201 Protection FO KAN” as the subject of your application.

In the body of the mail, please indicate the following in the format as seen:

  • Qualification(s)
  • Current location
  • Languages you speak
  • Years of relevant experience


Application Deadline 2nd July, 2021.


Note: Applications intended for this role without this subject will not be treated

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