How to Tell whether Your N-Power Validation Worked

The management of Npower has reported that 55,245 beneficiaries have successfully received their failed three-month stipends via the validation link after following the directions issued to Npower beneficiaries by Npower management urging Beneficiaries with invalid accounts to validate their accounts. Check out the update here. Through a validation link, Npower paid 55256 beneficiaries.

However, we found that some Npower recipients who had previously verified their accounts through the validation link were unsure of whether or not the process had been effective. So, we made the decision to write this page to demonstrate how to verify your status as on vacation.

How to Tell Whether Your Npower Validation Worked

To get Npower management’s attention and get your questions answered, follow these steps:

Go to Twitter and share a post asking Npower to assist you in verifying the success of your validation. Make sure to tag @Npower_ng in your post and provide your Npower ID.


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