UNTH 2017 Recruitment is Fake

University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital – The attention of the Management of University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Ituku/Ozalla, Enugu has been drawn to the sad report that impostors and other unscrupulous elements in our society allegedly defraud innocent/desperate job seekers in the guise of providing them employment in the hospital. According to this unfortunate report, these nefarious fraudsters front the names of principal officers of the hospital whom they claim they are collecting the money on their behalf in return for the non-existent employment.

Some of these shameless fraudsters go to the extent of telling their would be victims that they are proxies to the Chief Medical Director and that as soon as they pay certain amounts of money, they would be assured of their appointment letters to work in UNTH. But, when they succeed in ripping off their victims, they disappear into thin air leaving them perplexed and abandoned

The UNTH Management is therefore constrained to publish this disclaimer as a caveat to members of the public, to warn them about this ugly situation. The Chief Medical Director and Management of the hospital use this opportunity also, to dissociate themselves from any person/persons who claim to act as proxy for them by collecting illegal tolls/monies from people for employment in the hospital.

The Chief Medical Director and UNTH Management have never and would never do such a disservice to this nation because it is a sin against God and humanity. Please dont give your money to anybody for employment in UNTH,

Report any person or persons involved in this ugly dealing to the police or other relevant security agencies and to the UNTH Management if you can identify a culprit who is a member of staff or the hospital community.

Management had sounded this warning in the past and hereby emphasizes it in the Interest of desperate job seekers who out of their desperation become gullible to these fraudsters whose activities tarnish the image of UNTH and bring the names of some of her principal officers to ridicule, all in vain.

Anybody who gives out money for employment in UNTH, does so at his or her own risk and the hospital Management cannot be held responsible.

Be Warned!
Signed: UNTH Management


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