NIRSAL AGC Dry Season ABP Loan | Link to Apply

Enrollment Into Nirsal’s Agro Geo Cooperative For Dry Season Abp Loan Application

NIRSAL PLC is calling on all smallholder farmers, farmer leaders and aggregators particularly for Dry Season and NonSeasonal Commodities to take advantage of the NIRSAL AgroGeoCoop formation exercise which is currently structuring smallholder farmers for access to finance, training, markets, and more.

How to apply:

Click here to apply


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  1. Mohammed Laws Avatar
    Mohammed Laws

    Honestly I like someone helpful like you thank you so much for giving youth and others Powority .

  2. BOYI GIDEON Avatar

    How to apply nyimf loan

  3. OKE OYEKANMI Avatar

    Please, add me to group for more latest information On Nirsal loan and jobs

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