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Tag: Abia State

Abia State is a state in south-eastern Nigeria. The capital is Umuahia, although the major commercial city is Aba, formerly a British colonial government outpost. The state was created in 1991 from part of Imo State and its citizens are predominantly Igbo people (95% of population).It is one of the nine constituent states of the Niger Delta region.

The People

The People of Abia are mainly of the Igbo stock. English is widely spoken and serves as the official language in governance and business while the Igbo language serves as a native tongue. Globally, the Igbo’s are well travelled. They are known to be tolerant, ultra-democratic and reputed to be industrious, highly market oriented, very hospitable and accommodating, probably due to their migratory nature. About 2.4million Abia people are very entrepreneurial in nature

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