N-Power Nexit Portal Verification or sign up Issues

The N-Power NEXIT Portal seems to be functioning better than when it was launched but the portal still has some issues.

Are you having issues accessing the Npower Nexit Portal? The Npower NEXIT Portal seems to be working better than when it was launched. To our understanding, a lot of Volunteers that have registered via Npower Nexit Portal are yet to receive a verification link to their email. According to Minister for humanitarian affairs, only those who have successfully verified their email after registration will gain access to the Nexit portal.

As you must have noticed, the Nexit portal is still in its construction phase. Remember the Honorable Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Sadiya Umar Farouq stated in her latest update that the portal will be up and running before or on Sunday after the portal went on Maintenance mode.

Our recommendation is that when you successfully register on the Nexit portal and you don’t receive a verification email, you should remain calm because hands are on deck to rectify the issue.

Exited NPOWER VOLUNTEERS are to use THE SAME EMAIL they used in registering for Npower and which is recorded on their Npower profile to register on the NEXIT PORTAL. It is not necessary you use an NPVN password for NEXIT but mandatory to use NPVN email for NEXIT.

if you cant sign up to the nexit portal,kindly use you surname as first name on the form.

For those that can not access that same email, reasons been that it has been blocked or suspended, endeavor to direct your enquiries to the support team email:

If you don’t have access to your Npower email anymore or you encounter a problem while registering in the NEXIT portal, especially for those with the defunct, you should kindly send the issues to clearly indicate the following:

Your former email address and your new email address
Npower ID/Program
You should properly indicate in the subject of your email the problem when sending an inquiry mail to the NSIP Support team.

Are you an Npower batch A or B beneficiary ? login to Npower Nexit Portal here >

23 replies on “N-Power Nexit Portal Verification or sign up Issues”

Good afternoon sir/ma. Please I tried to login but it was not going through. I also want to know if it is my NPOWER password or my email password that I will use. Thanks

Please, I cannot login with my email I used in registration. Can I change the email address
Please somebody help me

I am Adeleye Isaac, please the verification password is yet to be sent to my mail for the pass couples of days I have been on this. However, I was told that the verification mail has been sent to my mail but I can’t find it there. Please am waiting for your immediate response.

Pls, I have being trying to login but issue of security code to change password why I couldn’t assess my account. It used to ask where I meet my spouse which I answered. But persisted to say is incorrect. Pls I need your help

Dear sir/ma,
I am npower volunteer of batch A, I successfully registered using my npower email address for almost two weeks now but have not yet receive any verification link for the next step.
Thanks in anticipation as I wait for your help and support.

Pls. how about n-tech software, October to December 2019, I look my email address is not going there telling me I’m not a N-POWER beneficiary. this is my ID card no. NSO674

Pls I am npower volunteer ,I have registered I am yet to received
verification mail.i was told it has been sent to my mail but I can’t find it there.pls I am waiting for your response

Please I’m empower volunteer,please I’m unable to recieve my verification mail for the pass three weeks now pls help.thanks

I submit the require information to n exit portal for more then three weeks but yet I didn’t received verification mail what happen pls

good morning I m Haruna Abdulsalam by name i try to log in to nexit potal but I used to receive a message saying email or password is incorrect but my mail and password is genuine

Please I’m an n-power batch B,i have submitted the necessary information but i have never received any notification…..

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