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Video Editor at Novateur Nigeria

Novateur is innovation. We are a full-service Innovation, Digital, and Information Technology company, providing business solutions that streamline processes, reduce costs, increase productivity, and return on investments.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Video Editor

Location: Abuja (FCT)
Employment Type: Full-time
Line Manager: Chief Executive Officer
Supervises: N.A
Department: Media

Role Overview

  • A Video Editor (VE), manipulates film and video footage to create a coherent and complete project that accurately depicts and communicates a vision or expectation in line with the requirements of the video sponsor.
  • They use complex editing software to piece together still and motion images, video footage, sound effects, dialog, and animation effects to create a consistent story that passes the intended message across effectively.
  • As a Video Editor, you should be able to professionally conceptualize, envision, create, edit, manipulate, produce, and publish (ready for viewing) media content including videos, photos, designs of various formats and concepts, animations, short films/videos, etc.
  • Ultimately, you need to be able to bring sight and sound together in order to tell a cohesive story.

Duties / Functions

  • Meet with the CEO to determine production vision.
  • Review raw material to determine the shot list.
  • Manipulate film and video footage using modern editing techniques.
  • Maintain continuity while moving shots according to scene value.
  • Trim footage and put together the rough project.
  • Insert dialog, sound effects, music, graphics, and special effects.
  • Ensure the project follows a logical sequence.
  • Consult with the CEO and Production Team throughout the project.
  • Create the final cut for broadcasting.
  • Display Photography skills, knowledge, and manipulation.
  • Provide constructive input during team meetings and planning sessions
  • Assist in the planning and execution of various campaigns and projects.
  • Work directly with clients during a production process.
  • Demonstrate a deep commitment to the overall success of any project involved.
  • Exhibit cooperation and teamwork.
  • Any other duty that may be required.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Request Response Time (15 mins)
  • Alignment with any requirements (80%)
  • Client satisfaction (80%)
  • Unique output per day/month (Varies, discuss with Line Manager)
  • Posts engagement (social media and/or website) (70%)
  • Video views and shares (social media and/or website) (70%)
  • Audience retention (social media and/or website) (50%).

Competency Requirements

  • No required educational qualification or degree.
  • Be exceptionally imaginative.
  • Display creativity, artistry, and innovation.
  • Excellent understanding of video editing and design principles.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Excellent presentation skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Exemplary leadership skills.
  • Strong negotiation and persuasion skills.
  • Highly Analytical.
  • Tech-driven & Entrepreneurial at heart.
  • IT Skills (Advanced).

Experience Requirements:

  • Experience in Photography and Video Editing.
  • Ability to train others to use a camera efficiently.
  • Familiarity with 3D composition and special effects.
  • Ability to manipulate film and video footage without supervision.
  • Be willing to work on a number of projects at any one time on all scales independently or as part of a team.
  • Have the ability to work to clear defined milestones within a project and of strict time constraints.
  • Complete company reporting requirements; timesheets, job logs, etc.
  • Understanding of Marketing, Production, Corporate Identity, Product Packaging, Advertisements, and Multimedia Design.
  • Ability to use video editing tools.
  • Quality portfolio for evaluation.
  • Versatile IT and Tech experience is a plus.
  • Attention to detail.


  • Integrity
  • Highly organized
  • Presentable appearance
  • Pleasant personality
  • Self-disciplined
  • Team player
  • Detail-oriented
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Innovative and Creative
  • Leadership Skills

Key Relationships:

  • Management Team, Team Leads, Clients

Reporting Times:

  • Monday to Friday (8:00 am to 5:00 pm).

Salary: N50,000 – N100,000 Monthly.

Health & Wellness:

  • Employee assistance program focused on mental health.

Financial Wellbeing:

  • Compensation for work successfully carried out
  • Bonuses subject to management’s approval:
    • 0.01% – 10% performance bonus on client’s projects successfully executed.
    • 5% – 20% commission on new clients acquired from the post holder’s social capital.
    • 1-on-1 Financial Coaching

Flexibility & Time-Off:

  • Hybrid work environment up to 2 days/week subject to management’s approval and needs of the business.
  • Paid time off work post probation including vacation, bereavement, jury days, sick leave, parental leave, disability, and approved holidays.
  • Remote work opportunities

Community & Personal Development:

  • Educational reimbursement for approved learning programs.
  • Access to internal training.
  • Unrestricted access to sell personal courses on the organization’s e-learning platform.

Novateur Extras subject to Management’s approval:

  • Inspiring spaces to work & collaborate;
    • Air-Conditioned Work Spaces
    • Conference Room
    • Small Meeting Areas
    • Kitchen Area
    • Entertainment Section fitted with a Pool Table, TV, Media Player, & Game Console,
    • Internet-enabled computers & devices
    • Email & Telephone Systems
    • Restroom
    • Printing & Photocopying Machines
    • Stationery, Postage, & Packaging
    • Daily Newspapers & Reference Books
  • Access to top-notch work and productivity tools.
  • Recognition & Rewards.
  • Celebration of Special days & events subject to Management’s approval.
  • Company-sponsored trips and travel.
  • Expense reimbursement on substantiated company-related expenses with receipts.
  • Career advise.


  • Minimum of 18 months contract.
  • Subject to 3 months probationary evaluation on the job at minimum salary band.
  • 3 months’ notice before resignation or termination.
  • Refund of 3 months salary in breach of 1,2,3 above.
  • Compulsory attendance of induction, quarterly scheduled training, and organization’s yearly retreat.
  • Self-paced learning of how to use work and productivity tools within the probation period.
  • Access to a smartphone and internet connection.
  • Availability and reachability via phone and/or email.
  • Provision of Police report or background check.
  • Provision of signed guarantor or reference from the previous place of work.
  • Medical report for frequent sick leave beyond approved limits.
  • Abide by all organization policies including but not limited to Employee Policy, Information Protection Policy, and ATIT.

 Deadline: 18th August, 2022.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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