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Tag: Center for Community Health Development (CCHD)

About Center for Center for Community Health Development (CCHD)

The Center for Community and Health Development International is a non-discriminatory, non-governmental organization with a mandate to improve the health and quality of life of Nigeria’s rural children and women. CHAD was established in 2002 by a group of women from different religious and ethnic background in Gombe state, North East Nigeria.

Our Mission
In an environment of fragmented services, adversarial relationships, and increasingly scarce funding, community health development strategies have proven effective in overcoming the existing barriers to build community capacity for health improvement. Additional research is needed to more fully understand and develop which strategies are most effective in particular situations to build community capacity for population health improvement.

The Center’s mission is: to work collaboratively with communities and other partners, to translate, evaluate and disseminate effective individual, organizational, community and regional strategies for addressing critical public health and health-related issues in rural and underserved populations. The overall goal of CCHD is to stimulate research, education, program planning and implementation, dissemination, and evaluation as partners with communities for the ultimate purpose of improving population health status. Through existing and future relationships within the Texas A&M University System and various communities across the nation, CCHD will be able to capitalize on the resources and expertise of our partners.