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Tag: Hamilton Lloyd and Associates

About Hamilton Lloyd and Associates

Hamilton Lloyd and Associates is a young and innovative boutique human resources firm, which is focused on offering personalized services to organizations across a diverse range of sectors. The Hamilton Lloyd philosophy involves a deep understanding of the client’s organizational culture, strategic objectives and needs to ensure that a tailor-made solution is proffered.
We are a one profit centre partnership, which ensures that we work as one team across the organization. We provide our clients with an integrated and high-quality human resource services and deliver consistent results both locally and internationally.
Hamilton Lloyd and Associates (HL&A) is able to draw on the experience of external Associates who head practice groups to service sectors where they have expertise. They already understand our clients’ sector specific needs; bring updated industry knowledge and an extensive candidate network.
Our team is supported by robust internal management processes, an access to continually update skills through our training programmes and a state-of-the-art IT system, giving our consultants immediate access to an extensive network of templates and executives.